29 September 2006

here goes...

It's gunna be a long one, lots of pictures over the past few weeks. But I am in a picture posting mood, so if you don't like it then don't read it!

Two of my new favorite pictures. Playing in the crib before his morning nap. Mornings are usually pretty fun. Just me and Ro. Sitting around in our PJs and playing all morning.

He started doing this a month ago. My mom and I set him in the basket and walked away for a minute, then came back to a site just like this. He thinks it is sooo much fun. I don't find it very amuzing and don't let him do it that often - I am afraid it will lead to him learning to pull himself up on other things and in his crib. Then I will have to lower the crib mattress. I also don't encourage crawling and Brad gets a stern look when he does! But I guess it doesn't matter, he already rolls, scootches, and wiggles his way all over the house to get what he wants so he might as well be crawling.
My feet are holding it up so that he doesn't flip out while I am taking the picture. What a great mom I am, leave him standing in the basket so I can get the picture!

Went to the zoo last Saturday with most of the Davis cousins. Lots of fun to be with everyone, especially because Rhonda and Regan and kiddies can come now and we are closer too. Ro loved to be outside, as usual. He did notice a few animals that were close. (I must say that the Calgary zoo is not good for that, everything is quite far away. And not the best variety of animals. The Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake will be a must when he figures out what animals are) Anyway, he was facinated by the fish in the Hippo tank.

Got this costume for next to nothing after Halloween last year, I coudln't resist. 6-12 months. We aren't sure if it will actually fit by Halloween. Had to try it on and take a picture just in case. Legs are boarderline right now and the crotch/body is fastly becoming too short. We shall see in another month. Might have to make a few alterations to the little frog.

I know it's sideways, but just pretend it's not. I'm too lazy right now to turn it. This is what Ro does when he can't actaully be outside. He love to look at the trees. When he is outside he likes to pull the leaves off the tree and then he laughs.

Here is Ro's new hat. It has little hunting dogs and birds on it. Brad thinks it is silly, but me and my mom and everyone at church think it is cute. And he actaully kept it on for most of church.
Notice that behind Ro there is no cover on the light, yep I am still living in an unfinished house with lots and lots of unpacked boxes. Maybe it will end one day, maybe...


Susie said...

Whit super cute pics of your little guy. he looks like he is doing sooo much, i guess thats how it goes with babies they start out only eating, sleeping and crying.. now sitting, scooching what next eh. Glad to see things are going good!

LindsayB said...

Awww, such cute pictures. We'll see you this weekend.

mom said...

LOVE HIS HAT! love love love my boy!