04 August 2006

catch up...

It's time to play catch up, been awhile since I posted.
1. We still aren't into our house. We knew when we bought it there were some things that needed some work - but WOW. It is a MESS. There were a few major things that needed to be taken care of that we did not anticipate so it is taking longer than expected. Ro doesn't help any either, he likes all the attention on him, not the house. So slow going. My parents have helped sooooo much. My dad had to practically redo the entire bathroom because there was rotted wood and mold all over. And between me and my mom we have almost repainted the entire house. But we still have a long list of things to do. My family is down at the lake so we are still at their house and will be ready to move in at the end of the month before they get back. So much easier to fix up when you don't have to live in the fix up mess. I'll wait and post pics when things are moved in and it is more together.
2. Brad is working for Bryan (his bro) doing finishing carpentry. A plus for our house because I am getting nice new 6 inch floor boards and new window and door casings. Working for your brother also a plus for getting vacation time when he wants it.
3. We went to the lake a few weeks ago. Ton-o-fun! Our vacation was cut short because of boat problems, but all that is fixed now so we will go back down for a few days sometime before the end of the summer. It was so fun to water ski agian! (didn't do much last summer because I was prego) Ro liked his first vacation at the lake. He loved to be outside and just stare at the trees and the lake. Whenever he was fussy we just took him outside and he calmed right down.
4. Ro is 5 months old now. Rolling over lots, learning to sit up and getting pretty good at it, grabbing for everything, drooling on everything, still always acting hungry but not liking rice cereal, teething on and off - the "on" is NOT fun, the whole world can hear when this is happening, not sleeping through the night anymore, and getting very spioled - at my mom's his crib is in the same room as us and because he isn't sleeping through the night anymore I am lazy and just end up putting him in bed with us. Also very spoiled becaues we have been with my family and everytime he creis he gets picked up. This fall should be interesting trying to get him unspoiled. Right now he LOVES being outside, LOVES the dogs, LOVES his jolly jumper, and LOVES his walker (which we had to sneak in from the states as they are illegal in Canada). He also loves to chase the dogs in his walker. Here are a few - well actaully a lot - of pictures from the lake. I'll put them in smaller - click on them to make them bigger if you want.

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LindsayB said...

hey, i'm finally back. that kid is a tank. can't wait to see him again. hopefully you'll be in your house soon, what a nightmare. i'll just be living the renting dream forever!