29 January 2006

waitin' for baby

Here’s my prego belly at around 35 weeks. I am just starting my 37th week now, so by the end of the week I guess I will be considered full term! I am done work, have been for a week or so and I am really enjoying having some time to myself to be lazy before the baby comes. A little bit of cramping/braxton hicks, but I fear that the little guy is just too comfortable in there to make an appearance anytime soon. Maybe if I keep telling myself he will be late I will be pleasantly surprised… yah I know, not a chance. Brad has a five day break in between finishing classes and starting student teaching - I know it is too much to ask for the baby to be born then, but I’ll still take any advice on tricks for inducing labor!


mom said...

the trampoline!

Just Rhonda said...

wow. That is cute. You look so skinny all over and then BOOM - baby. Love it. Wish I got to see you in person!

the Davis mom said...

All the suggestions I've every heard weren't very inviting. Some include 4-wheelin' in the bush-YUCK!, drink a bottle of cod liver oil-DEESCUSTIN', and WAIT-just as bad as all the others. Sorry, I'm no help at all.